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Comparisons between the test results for four commercial brands of charcoal and seven SCZ charcoal samples show that our natural wood charcoal is equal to and in some cases better than the sampled wood charcoal products currently on the market in terms of these good charcoal characteristics: (1) high BTU's (heat energy generated); (2) high fixed carbon (better burning); (3) and low ash (less uncombustible residues). We will have additional testing done for the charcoal made from other wood types such as cottonwoods, and other trees thinned for fire risk and removal of invasives.

The SCZ charcoal samples are highlighted in green. All the samples are lump charcoal except sample #7.

Sample 1 - SCZ ponderosa SDT
Sample 2 - SCZ Encino oak
Sample 3 - SCZ juniper
Sample 4 - SCZ pinõn
Sample 5 - SCZ ponderosa ocate
Sample 6 - Commercial brand from hardwood floors & furniture (oak, maple, & hickory)
Sample 7 - Commercial brand (briquettes) from wood scraps
Sample 8 - Commercial brand from oak tree forest
Sample 9 - Commercial brand from mesquite
Sample 10 - SCZ salt cedar
Sample 11 - SCZ pecan thinnings

Charcoal Comparison Chart

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