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Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM (SCZ) posts this public forum to stimulate awareness of sustainability issues. It is open for comments, questions, and discussion of ways to solve environmental, social and economic problems. We encourage thoughtful consideration of ZERI methodology and the various projects presented on this web site. We will endeavor to present a representative balance on pro and con issues.

We reserve the right to control the forum's content. The opinions expressed may not be those of SCZ and we do not accept responsibility for them.

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10-7-06. from Hollister Knowlton, in response to Lynda Taylor's presentation to the Quaker Earth Care Committee at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, about ZERI principles in general, their work around the world, and a focus on the SCZ forestry project.

"Just wanted to tell you again how great it was to meet you and what a terrific presentation you gave. I hope you could tell from the lively questioning that you fully engaged our audience."

For more about Hollister go to the report of her trip to Gaviotas in June 2005.

9-29-06. from Dennis J. Warner

"Regarding your organization, I wanted to say thank-you for the web site all of you have put together. It is fantastic! For about a month now, I've been reading and compiling information about biogas production, algae / azolla produced from the digester's gray water, vermiculture to further enhance the soil's nutrient potential followed by tremendous crop yields, etc. I came to the same conclusion several weeks ago about putting together an integrated system like you have demonstrated and was amazed, to say the least. It was as if I had fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice. (No mushrooms. Thank you very much.) And it was that very feeling I had, had when I 'found' your web site. The wonderful part to all this is knowing - it can be accomplished - especially up here in Maine."

8-22-06. from Melissa Zaksek. USDA Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Cooperative and International Forestry, Forestry and Forest Health in an email to Lynda Taylor.

"Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us, Lynda. You have a pretty impressive project (Webmaster's note: this is the CFRP project. For details see Sustainable Forest Project), and I wish you success as you move forward with the next steps!

We had a good visit at Picuris (Pueblo), there seems to be a lot of community pride in the project. I would be very interested in seeing the facility at Picuris once it is constructed and up and running."

12-22-04. from Francisco Trevino, formerly a Professor at the Graduate School of Management, Monterrey Tech., Mexico, in an email to Lynda Taylor.

"Congratulations on your progress with the ZERI Institute and the work advanced in New Mexico. The images you sent are self enlightening. Really wonderful. The projects look very good and inspiring for other initiatives in developing countries. We need all the help you can give us as well as all the inspiration for future work."

And again on 1-11-05

"I believe you are opening new grounds with the projects you have been starting in New Mexico."

6-8-04. Paula Garcia, of the SCZ Leadership Advisory Board, has been interested in our Forestry Project since its initial planning one and a half years ago. Lynda Taylor had sketched the vision of sustainable forestry for making charcoal from unused timber, using the charcoal fumes to preserve wood for construction, and adding local fungi to create soil humus, edible mushrooms, and a better forest environment. Paula's recent email to Lynda follows.

"I'm very impressed that you have gotten all this together. It must be very rewarding to see the beginning steps of realizing a great vision for the future. It is quite remarkable. Thank you for all that you do."

Here is the link for details of the forestry project.

4-18-04. After the completion of her recent ZERI Certification Training, Nirmala Nair, head of ZERI-Southern Africa, sent SCZ this email.

" I sought ZERI practitioner's course hoping to seek answers to real sustainable development; I came back ready to tackle not just sustainable development but dealing with businesses as well. Never thought I could sit with bankers, investments groups, and other hard core business people making intelligent conversation without being intimidated by their specialist talk,

I learnt that doing business sustainably is more than standard cash flow analysis, or for that matter clocking in triple bottom, - planet, people, profit; it is being able to play with 'out of the box' is being able to solve the puzzle of five kingdoms, finding out the missing links and the missing connections. ZERI changed my life forever... "

Regarding the importance of the ZERI concept for SCZ, "Gunter Pauli introduced the notion of industrial clustering by promoting the principle of zero emission and making it the very core of the ZERI concept. Zero emissions means zero waste. Taking nature as its model and mentor, ZERI strives to eliminate the very idea of waste." Fritjof Capra, Physicist, author of The Tao of Physics, Web of Life, and most recently The Hidden Connections.

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