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Your support for SCZ (Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM) can make a big difference. Here is a link to our recent accomplishments.

Please give serious thought to what we are doing, what we have achieved and how much more we can accomplish.

First of all, discuss our projects and the ZERI concept with your friends. How can this approach benefit you and your community? How does this approach benefit the planet?

Plan to attend our seminars and workshops. Consider taking the zeri certification course and becoming a ZERI practitioner. Go to the Events Calendar to find when these are available. Email us (address below) to ask about getting on our network of scientists to continue and initiate new research.

Next, think of what you can contribute to Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM (SCZ). Make a tax deductible donation for general support. Sponsor one of our projects, many of them are in the planning stage and funds are needed to support them. After we complete a project and find it successful, we intend it to be self sustaining. Suggest a new project that you would be willing to sponsor. Read some of our zeri-related materials and books. Find ways to use the waste products from your business.

SCZ is able to accept secure credit card payments for donations and purchases. Link to the SCZ Credit Card Form for instructions.

Select this link to our Items for Sale web page. It offers a number of different videos, CDs, and books about or related to our work. We also sell ZERI sustainable sweaters, all wool, naturally dyed using local organic wools, as well as posters and T-shirts.

To read some of our supporter's statements, go to the SCZ Reasons to Give web page.

Richard Perl, advisor to the Threshold Foundation, says, "Most people in the United States are not aware of the pioneering work of ZERI, yet many, if not most, of our efforts at building more sustainable production processes would benefit from integrating the demonstrated success of ZERI's 'technologies' (an awkward word, since the genius of ZERI's formulas is always nature)."

Send us your comments and suggestions. Contact information is below.

The people who benefit from our projects really do appreciate what you are doing for them.

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