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About his ZERI Certificate Training, David Schaller, Sustainable Development Coordinator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8, Denver, Colorado, says.
"ZERI was transforming. It showed how the workings of nature can be the basis for solving the most complex challenges we face as a society. I can never look at situations and solutions the same way again."


Help shift the way people see natural systems.
Rebuild local economies with all voices and interests in mind
Support local control with positive dialog
Help communities achieve sustainability in harmony with nature
Address issues of poverty, environment and culture
Provide hope for economic opportunities by using all "waste" to create value-added products

OUR GOAL IS $50,000 from "high donors"
Donors of over $5,000 will receive two of these gifts commensurate with their donation.
1) ZERI Organic Natural Dyed Sweater
2) ZERI Brazilian Bamboo Hanger
3) Signed copy of UPSIZING by Gunter Pauli
4) CD of locally written ZERI Rap Song

Excerpts from Richard Perl's remarks. He is a member of the New Visions Committee of the Threshold Foundation.
. . . over the years, he has had the opportunity to work closely with Gunter Pauli, and to visit ZERI projects in Japan and Europe. He recommends visiting to get a better sense of the incredible worldwide work and successes of the ZERI community. A few of these he can't resist mentioning are: . . . African orphans with AIDS harvest water hyacinths to grow medicinal and edible mushrooms to feed and support themselves. . . . wastes from the rice crop harvest in Brazil grow shitake mushrooms and cattle feed as well as create biogas energy. . . . ZERI methodology is taught in over twenty universities in Colombia.

"Technologies in the typical ZERI clusters are small-scale and local. The places of production are usually close to those of consumption, which eliminates or radically reduces transportation costs. . . . the principles of organization underlying the ZERI concept -- nonlinear network structure, cycling of matter, multiple partnerships, diversity of enterprises, local production and consumption, and the goal of optimizing instead of maximizing -- are the basic principles of ecology. This is ofcourse not coincidental. The ZERI clusters are impressive examples of ecoliteracy embodied in ecodesign."
- Fritjof Capra is a renown physicist and author of other acclaimed books, THE TAO OF PHYSICS and THE WEB OF LIFE.

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