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Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM (SCZ) supports environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects, businesses and activities in small communities in New Mexico and on the US/Mexico border.

Our emphasis is on meeting society's basic needs for food, clean water, health care, and shelter. By finding ways to reuse all "wastes" as value-added raw materials, we can create economic opportunities and jobs while simultaneously preserving our environment and strengthening local conditions. We work to meet current and future generations' needs as we build a society based on what the ecosystems can provide.

Our projects, educational and training activities use a natural, systems-based approach that fundamentally shifts the way people see, care for, and use natural resources. We do not force nature to produce more; we do more with what nature provides.

Links to more information.
From Feb. 3, 2005 The New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM; Mushrooms are magic. by Staci Matlock.
This article describes the work Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM is doing in our mushroom laboratory and shows a good photo of an oyster mushroom.
From Feb. 5, 2005 La Jacarita News, Northern New Mexico; Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM: Collaborative Forest Restoration Project By Kay Matthews and Mark Schiller.

Events of interest link. Find out what's next and what happened at past events.

SCZ is making an urgent appeal. If you like the work we are doing, please support us with funds or buy recently reduced items from our catalog. Here is a summary of our accomplishments.

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Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM (SCZ)
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Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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