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Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM and other branches of ZERI are involved in a coalition of local and global projects. Each is dedicated to research, scientific study, education, and implementation of community projects. These projects lead to social and economic self-sufficiency, environmental enhancement, and awareness building created in harmony with natural systems.

ZERI's work addresses poverty and social issues, working to bring sustainability in areas including forestry, soil regeneration and agriculture.

Colleagues are working is such diverse places as:
Japan - education innovations and clusters around high sciences in an industrial setting
Southeast Asia - forestry systems, the design and housing around the cluster of bamboo

South Pacific - integrated biosystems, mangrove restoration and self-sufficiency on small islands. A photo of the ZERI Fiji integrated waste and farming system by Prof. Chan is shown above.

Brazil - innovation in industrial development, innovative educational public systems and reinvigorating shanty towns. ZERI Brazil in Portuguese.

The head of ZERI Brazil, Lucio Brusch, spoke to our third certification training course in September 2003.

Colombia - Las Gaviotas, the renaissance of Andean tropical agriculture and the rediscovery of endangered biodiversity. May 2005 Trip to Las Gaviotas.

Southern Africa - remediating soil erosion and food safety through the use of biomass with special attention to the social implications of epidemia such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and iodine deficiency disorders. ZERI Southern Africa.

Photo: Nirmala Nair, the head of ZERI Southern Africa, when she was in New Mexico for our third certification training in September 2003.

Zimbabwe - mushroom growing, based on a program developed by and run by Margaret Tagwira, shows AIDS orphans a way to grow food for themselves and to sell. Mushroom growing is sustainable and contributes to society. The children learn how to grow, from spawn to mushrom ready for the market, and how to cook mushrooms.

Northern Africa - desert ecosystems and water regeneration

ZERI Campus Network Vision

The next step to fulfill the long term ZERI vision is to formally structure seven of their world wide branches into networked accredited campuses. Each campus would be the home of a few senior fellows and a rotating flow of scholars, novices, and visitors. An interchange of communication, documentation, arts, and innovative learning techniques would develop and maintain the comfort and beauty of the surrounding ecosystem. Help us make this important vision a reality.

ZERI concept's 10th Anniversary gives a summary of its history since April 6, 1994.

Prior and current work puts ZERI in a leadership role. Their experience allows them to help create and design other programs.

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