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Global ZERI Network The main web site for the ZERI International Network.

Summary of the 10th Anniversary World Congress on Zero Emissions

Part 2 of the 10th Anniversary Summary

The ZERI Educational Initiative pages.

The ZERI Five Design Principles and Five Kinds of Knowledge.

Selected articles by Gunter Pauli

ZERI Brazil in Portuguese.

ZERI Deutschland in German.

ZERI Italy, Emissionizero in Italian with some articles in English.

The Thesis Board. An online bulletin board in many languages. ZERI Italy says, "This space is offered to YOUNGSTERS of all ages, who have written a thesis work or a scientific paper on a subject related to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: We are happy to host: abstracts, full text articles, chapters of thesis and info on their authors."

ZERI Education in Japan in Japanese.

ZERI Southern Africa

Systems Design program. A 2 year Masters Degree class given in English at the Politecnico di Torino, the Science University of Turin, Italy.

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