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In August 2004, Ivanka Milenkovic, PhD in Mycology from Serbia, showed SCZ how to use native mushrooms to inoculate branches of thinned small diameter trees (ponderosa, pinõn, juniper) and invasive species (salt cedar, Russian olive) and other tree "wastes" (pecan thinnings). As they grow, these mushrooms decompose the branches enriching the soil for live trees, helping to prevent erosion, and, after testing, may provide animal feed from the left-over substrate. Some species of our native mushrooms are edible and very tasty.

Dr. Milenkovic also showed us how to establish a long term native fungi culture bank. Since her visit, SCZ has established this bank. New Mexico State University is interested in the bank as a program there.

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White Paper for Governor Richardson about the potential of a New Mexico Native Fungi Bank and SCZ efforts to receive legislative funding.

From Feb. 3, 2005 The New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM; Mushrooms are magic. by Staci Matlock.
This article describes the work Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM is doing in our mushroom laboratory and shows a good photo of an edible oyster mushroom.

Mushrooms/Animal Feed/Forest Restoration Page

Mushrooms/Animal Feed/Forest Restoration Page 2

Wheat Straw Substrate for Mushrooms article by I. Milenkovic

Mushroom Substrata in Dairy Cow Feeding article by I. Milenkovic

Mushroon substrate in ruminant feed, by M. Adamovic, PhD, and I. Milenkovic, PhD, April 2006.

Shitake Mushroom article by C. Jaramillo

Index of the Journal of the New Mexico Mycological Society. The Oct. '04 and Mar. '05 issues have articles about the SCZ Mushroom subproject.

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