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May 2006

When we did our baseline tests in 2005, we found no life in the soils. In May '06, we found an earthworm and small plants growing in the chips. Our former respiration tests for organic matter showed less than .01 in organic respiration whereas now the tests are showing l and above and we are seeing life in the soil for the first time since our baseline tests. This is a big improvement in just one year.

One of the team, Luther Martinez, took this photo of the other members of the May '06 soil sampling team, from left, Lynda Taylor, Cheryl Archuleta, Julian (standing), Janette Fischer, Robert Haspel.

The earthworm we found in the inoculated chips.

Little plants are growing in the chips but not in the ground around the inoculated areas.

Lynda testing for electric conductivity and pH.

This soil sample shows dampness where the inoculated chips are locking moisture into the ground.

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