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Some of these articles are in PDF format. To view them you will need the Adobe Reader program which is available at the Adobe web site.

Biodiesel; Energy Solution for the Tropics.

2005 Update about Las Gaviotas (Colombia)

Excerpts from 2005 correspondence re Future Biotechnologies.

The February 2004 article is titled A WEALTH OF OPPORTUNITIES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. This article was written with Nirmala Nair, head of ZERI-Southern Africa.

An April 2002 article about Shrimp Clusters tells how three decades of biochemistry research in the Baltic can reverse industrial design errors in the Tropics. It gives an idea of how to convert waste streams from shrimp farms into a catalyst for socio-economic development.

The ZERI Five Design Principles and Five Kinds of Knowledge.

No Waste Economy. This article appeared in 1997 in the May/June issue of ReSurgence Magazine.

Go to: Pauli script on the Friends of Gaviotas web site. Gunter Pauli wrote the script for a video about Las Gaviotas, an amazingly sustainable community in eastern Colombia. Read about the 9 ways the community alleviates poverty and helps the indigenous people,

The ZERI web site has been updated. Many recently rewritten sections are on the Global ZERI Network web site. Look for ZERI's Basic Concerns, How It All Got Started, the ZERI Educational Concept, Case Studies of projects with global significance and other sections.

More articles will be included as they become available.

See also A Brief History of the Zero Emissions Concept on Its 10th Anniversary.

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