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Reduce Waste

An average 100-employee office spends over $5,000 a year buying copy paper and over $200 throwing it away. Save money and trees by using electronic communication as much as possible. And when you must print, use both sides and always recycle to turn that $200 landfill cost into $300 revenue!

Buy Green

Look for products that save money and the environment while meeting your needs. Easy wins include refilled toner cartridges (using 100 per year will save $2,000), tire re-treading (save over $1,200 when compared to new tires for a 10 small truck fleet), and energy-efficient products (newer, energy-efficient equipment often saves enough in operating costs to pay for itself).

Save Energy

Turning off equipment during non-business hours not only saves the electricity needed to run it, but also the air conditioning needed to cool it - a double impact! Running a computer and monitor 9 hours a day instead of 24 can save over $40 per year.

Conserve Water

Install 0.5 gallon per minute aerators on your faucets to reduce the amount of water used by 77% when compared to traditional 2.2 gallon per minute faucets. An office building installing low-flow aerators on 30 existing faucets can save $1200 every year on water with only a $300 one-time installation cost.

Commute Clean

Telecommuting prevents pollution by allowing employees to work remotely just as they would in the office without using any transportation. Teleworking just one day a week can save the employee as much as $750 and 72 hours a year while increasing productivity by 10-20%.

Build Green

Consider Green Building rating systems before renovation or construction. Green buildings not only benefit the environment but also have lower utility costs. They have been shown to cost $50-$70 less per square foot compared to conventional buildings over a 20 year period.