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This extremely intense course is spread out over six months. The total of 12 full days with Gunter Pauli is divided into three 4-day modules. Reading, writing and speaking assignments will be required as part of the course starting before the training, as well as during and after each module. As appropriate, participants will visit one or more projects in northern New Mexico and/or meet with project stakeholders to view and discuss real projects within the context of the ZERI methodology.

The training is designed to provide a pool of highly trained and certified individuals. These individuals will be able to think systemically; to articulate the ZERI methodology; to identify missing technologies; to mobilize scientists capable of translating science into hands-on projects; to design ZERI projects; and to further the goals of ZERI in North America and around the world.

ZERI is a project-based, systems approach that views waste as a resource; that utilizes Nature's kingdoms to develop both food stocks for local communities and also value-added businesses that generate revenue; and that allows people, companies and communities to do more with what Nature produces rather than asking Nature to produce more. From America to Zimbabwe, ZERI has many ongoing projects worldwide. It represents one of the cutting edge methodologies for addressing the interplay of economic, scientific, environmental and social concerns. Additionally, ZERI has a highly effective educational component that is being implemented in Brazil, Colombia, Japan, the UK, the US and other countries.

Applicants should be mature individuals with a genuine desire to help people; to alleviate poverty; to work with existing conditions and entrenched organizations; and, most generally, to improve substantially the environmental, social, scientific and economic standards that affect quality of life.

Certified participants will demonstrate, in written, spoken and group dynamic terms, a proficiency in ZERI methodology, concepts, tools, technologies, practices, projects, project design and other areas to be determined. Gunter Pauli will be solely responsible for certifying applicants who demonstrate the required proficiency.

We have successfully completed three certification courses and trained 67 people from around the state, country and world in the application of the ZERI methodology. Since then, there has been a fourth training in Durango, Colorado, and a series of teacher trainings in California."